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There is something different about Six Degrees Records and the records they release. Most recently, I’ve been on a buying spree for Six Degrees releases in an attempt to “own them all.” There are a few that I’m not ready for yet, but these two, I’ll end up needing several copies to always have around. I think that’s the point of good music. You want the ability to have a copy everywhere you’d want to hear it, and it’s easier to leave it there than to cart one copy all over the world.

Bob Holroyd was known to me only through a compilation CD, but I’ve desired more for awhile. I get the feeling of wandering around different areas of the globe getting snippets of cultures intermixed. Depending on how courageous you are, several of the tracks are just dying to be let loose towards the end of a trance set. “Dark Waters” might be an excellent one with it’s almost “new age” feeling, but done in orchestration. Solid as a diamond.

DJ Cam is a much different style, but one that is really worth mentioning. I wanted to buy another one or two of his releases before really giving this release a good work over, but he’s becoming a traveling companion. So I figure if I’m willing to drag the CD with me everywhere I go, then it’s solid. We have an element of hip hop and solid jazz. It’s more upbeat than Portishead ever should be, but much less “electronic” than lamb. But I am a sucker for some nice jazz horns, and there are plenty. So it’s one of those releases. Everyone wants to ride with the windows down and some crazy up-beat jazz right? It’s not just me? I hope not.

Chances are you can get to a computer these days with an Internet connection, even if it is renting time at Kinko’s. Set your Web browser to for a lot of great releases, and if you are looking to hear the samples or buy a few, they’ve got links for you. I can’t begin to describe the power and “wealth of music” that Six Degrees releases, only direct you to listen for yourself.

Six Degrees Records, 602 20th St., San Francisco, CA 94107;

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