Kevin K

Kevin K

Magic Touch

Vicious Kitten

Sometimes first impressions amaze me. Like looking at the cover of this CD, I think… Nikki Sudden. I open the case to find in the thank you list… yeah… Nikki Sudden (as well as Jeff Dahl, Motorcycle Boy, and the Lipstick Killers). So what’cha think. Jangle town Hollywood glam trash rock? Yeah, kinda. This is just so Jacobites. That guitar strum, that voice that makes me think of Christmas time. Yes, Nikki does it so much better, but Mr. K has his riffs down pretty good, and with the help of some talented musicians and some beautiful violin, he’s got his own songs to sing. The almost vicious rocker, “Hollywood,” the motorcycle drive of “Remember Her Sad,” and the ballad breath of “Lonely Girl.” There are definitely worse influences to have.

Vicious Kitten, GPO Box 20, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia,

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