Luaka Bop 10th Anniversery

Luaka Bop 10th Anniversery

Zero Accidents on the Job

Luaka Bop

David Byrne once again illustrates his magnificent talent for identifying interesting and satisfying world music with the 10th year Luaka Bop compilation, Zero Accidents on the Job. Two discs — one titled “Steamy Hits,” and the other, “Slow Jams” — provide two sides to the world sandwich: one lively, lovable, and dancable; the other slow, sweaty, and even transcendental. The steamy side offers catchy, rhythmic tunes from around the globe which inspire and rejuvenate the often boring and monotonous American new music dance scene. The jams are more introspective, melodic, and heartfelt, but the good time is still to be had. It’s amazing how a lot of these genres sound similar given the mileage between their origins. Byrne’s selection and ordering provide an eclectic seamless blend you can’t help but enjoy.

With contributors like Ry Cooder, Zap Mama, Tjinder Singh, and a posthumous duet between Byrne himself and Selena (from Blue in the Face: Music from the Miramax Motion Picture), you can’t go wrong with a disc like this, getting a sip and a taste of who is still to be heard out there. Byrnes’ own influences are apparent and identifiable without conflicting with original sound and composition offered by the international artists. Don’t forget the Indian, Asian, Brazilian, and Cuban artists and you get the perfect music smorgasbord, ready for consumption with just about anything or any agenda. Listen up to this disc full of fiesta music, waiting to be invited to the party, also revealing what the ex-Talking Head has been doing with his time. And as always, time well worth spent.

Narada, 4650 N. Port Washington Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53212-1063;

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