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Morning Star

Morning Star


It’s become very trendy to make influential references to Nick Drake, especially with the mainstream exposure of the late great folk singer’s “Pink Moon” in a Volkswagen ad. The Nick Drake influence was tagged on a sticker of the Morning Star disc, but the similarities are a stretch. There is, however, a very retro feel. In fact, singer/songwriter David Vernon hits the proverbial wall of influence in 1963, not getting past composer John Barry (of James Bond soundtrack fame) or the classic country sounds of Patsy Cline, which is best exemplified in “If You’re Gonna Rain.” The opener, “When We Love Again,” sounds like it came right off a Bond soundtrack. Keeping with the ’60s lounge feel, the Brazilian jazz of “Dance With You” could be in the sequel.

Similar to Portishead, Morning Star has the studio savvy to replicate the AM radio feel of days past. With a heavy dose of nostalgia and solid songwriting, this is one worth checking out for all the hip young bachelors (and bachlorettes)!

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