Pinetop Seven

Pinetop Seven

Bringing Home The Last Great Strike


Beautiful mostly shaded lane slow country tunes fill out this newest by the Pinetop clan. Sweetheart ballads and multi-instrumental layers, prairie moves and desert tunes. Trumpets cut through the rays of the rising sun and it’s like a scenic soundtrack to the rest of your day. These songs tell stories, moving from Mexico to Minnesota, from trains to trails of tears. Even the few instrumental pieces whisper secrets like hazy strangers riding though your life. Pushing out a slight Black Heart Procession sound, these brief interludes of toy pianos and accordions, automandolin and melodica, mark the spaces between songs like catching a breath. Sometimes there’s this strange lounge cocktail sound buried underneath. Vibes and marimba keeping time as Darren Richard croons his tales of mission districts and lost dogs. There’s life in here… listen.

Truckstop, 2255 S. Michigan Ave., #4W, Chicago, IL 60616;

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