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When Incubus Attacks Vol. 1


Apparently when Incubus “attacks” it means “plays quiet.” This six-track limited-edition fanatic-snack commences with three acoustic interpretations of Incubus’ more popular galactic-thrash songs from their breakthrough Make Yourself. Thankfully, these futuristic avant-metal space-oddities are one of the tiny handful of heavy upstarts who could successfully procure unplugged versions of their concentrated anger due to their impeccable sense of melody and Brandon Boyd’s voluminous voice and enchanting vocal range. Two pristine live tracks and a churning unreleased number make a fine addendum to the acoustic trilogy, making When Incubus Attacks an indispensable compendium to the hardcore fan or a helpful placebo to the less adventurous pop-lover who wants to escape Jose Pasillas’ skittery beats and DJ Kilmore’s progressive scratchery and get down to basic, simple, well-crafted songcraft

Epic, 550 Madison, 22nd Floor, New York, NY 10022-3211

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