The Letter E

The Letter E

No. 5ive Long Player

Tiger Style

Moving together to create something that exists beyond the combined talents of those involved, the members of the Letter E have released their first studio album since their 1997 studio EP, and the music has transformed into a cohesive liquid wonder. Coming from bands such as June of 44, the Blue Man Group, and Rex, the musicians have their own styles and sounds that are worked into waves and drifts of intricate and instrumental songs. The guitars croon and twist around each other while the bass and drums keep a steady but passionate beat, shifting up and down in strange indie-jazz ways. Like math rock, but the equations are simpler… or maybe just smoother. Sometimes the simplest parts become the most inspired, and when strings and trumpets are brought into the mix, the dynamics shift into well written and structured songs that just swim through you.

Tiger Style, 149 Wooster St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10012;

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