The Ruby Doe

The Ruby Doe

The Flame and the Fury


I remember reading that these guys were some sort of cross between Fugazi and Nomeansno, so I went to see them play live, and I walked away totally confused, thinking Henry Rollins meets Metallica. Now, I give them another chance on this studio recorded release, and I’ll be damned if I don’t think that’s Henry Rollins doing guest vocals… but it ain’t. It’s the Ruby Doe. The edges are more metal than anything Rollins has ever done, and it’s nice sharp metal. The dynamics do have that harsher fractured edge, which could go towards a nod of the head to some DC punkers, and the spaces between headache notes can slide at times with the vocals into some Alternative Tentacle touched chaos. Non stop and I think I appreciate the live barrage a bit more.


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