Dream Signals in Full Circles

Tiger Style

The second CD from this San Diego band fills me up with everything. Deeper sounds and lusher moods than their debut, but you can hear the style, the sound, the touch of Tristeza in everything they do. Rolling instrumental soundscapes layered with jazz undertones and delicate grooves that roll and relax and hypnotize. The guitars drift and drive from ocean sprawls to some lost in the desert haze. I stick to many of the thoughts I had when listening to their first album, such as… this music is poetry. The way it moves, the way it moves you. While it is consistently mellow, the mellowness takes on different shapes, forms, colors. From the sunset embrace that is “Aurora Borealis” which could keep you driving all the way across Arizona, to the repetition that seduces in “City of the Future.” I would’ve finished this review sooner, but sometimes when I play Tristeza, I cannot move… only listen.

Tiger Style, 149 Wooster St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10012;

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