Unsung Zeros

Unsung Zeros

The People Mover


This full-length CD from a quartet of guys from the arguably unlikely burg of Mount Dora might be said to fall in the pop-emo camp that bands like New Found Glory are currently mining. But I like this better, for a couple reasons. First, instead of just plopping emo lyrics on top of Cali-sounding pop punk, there’s more than a bit of indie sensibility running throughout the record, with time changes, stop-starts, and other quirks to make things interesting.

Additionally, the playing here is really top-notch, across the board. A lot of this style bands just chord along on guitar and bass, and any soloing is extremely rudimentary and more for sonic contrast than anything else. Although there are no typical rock solos here, still the virtuosity level (check the guitar intro, and subsequent bass break, in “End of Innocence,” for example) is several cuts above what is typically encountered, without being overly wanky.

An impressive debut.

Unsung Zeros, 4255 Wee St., Mt. Dora, FL 32757; http://www.unsungzeros.com

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