Land-Based Shark Fishing

Land-Based Shark Fishing

If you’re looking for the ultimate, non-gun big-game sport, look no further. There’s plenty of photos, tips, stories and even a how-to guide for preserving shark jaws. By the way, land-based shark fishing is exactly that, fishing for 1,000+ sharks right on the beach…. For example, from the page on proper baiting techniques: “This huge 40 lb. stingray was set on the 130 lb. Tiger Shark rig as can be seen in the picture, The ray was walked out several hundred metres and left on the sand awaiting the high tide. When the tide came in so did a 500 plus kg Tiger Shark, which picked up the bait.” and later on… “A picture of the great white [Vic Hislop] caught at Phillip Island. Bait was a 300 lb. greasy cod set in 30 feet of water less than 200 metres off shore at seal rocks. Told you big sharks were not out far, didn’t I !!” Surf’s up…Sherman’s Lagoon this ain’t!

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