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The Wallflowers

The Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA • October 2, 2000

I expected screaming, crying women. After all, it is Jakob Dylan, one of the most beautiful faces to grace rock n’ roll since Chris Cornell. There were screams, but surprisingly enough, they were coming from both the women and the men. Jakob Dylan shimmers as hot as he shines and has a remarkable amount of cross pop appeal. No matter what your genre of choice, the Wallflowers have a universal allure that could tame even the most jaded of fans. Delicate, raspy vocals mixed with good solid folk rock, a lap slide steel guitar hiding in the wings, made for a perfect fusion of the best of rock shows.


A lot of bands that reach this sort of pop status and success will torture the audience with new material that no one knows. The Wallflowers didn’t hesitate to offer the hits that every one came to see, and the sing-a-long that occurred for more than an hour of the set was like the sweetest summer camp love you could imagine.

Towards the end of the set the crowd was set ablaze by an appearance by Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, who joined the band for a scorching rendition of “One Headlight.” Jakob Dylan is completely non-assuming, without arrogance, hypnotically honest, and possesses more natural star power than one man should be allowed. He could easily be one of the key factors in the resurrection of real music, which is long overdue, sorely missed, and certainly not forgotten. ◼

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