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Although at a bit of a disadvantage without having seen the film, I deduce from the soundtrack that Duets has something to do with karaoke. Actually, a Hollywood version of karaoke, not the parade of drunken secretaries who populate karaoke stages I’ve been subjected to. The disc is full of classic cheese songs like “Bette Davis Eyes,” “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” and “Try a Little Tenderness.” The odd mix of songs are performed by an odd mix of actors trying to sing and singers trying their hand at acting. You get Huey Lewis doing “Feeling Alright” (the best track on the disc) and “Lonely Teardrops.” Lewis also does a duet (hence the title) of “Cruisin'” with Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow also does a duet with Babyface and goes solo with a lackluster version of “Bette Davis Eyes.” Nothing on the disc is bad enough to really be funny, nor good enough to produce any solid songs, save for the aforementioned “Feeling Alright” from Huey Lewis. And speaking of Huey, isn’t it about time he got the News back together and cashed in on the Eighties nostalgia?


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