Get Hustle

Get Hustle

Earth Odyssey

5 Rue Christine

Get Hustle is knotted in the strangest of ways. It’s like you instructed a whole Boy Scout troop to take their newfound knot-tying knowledge and tie up that damned annoying kid who’s always wetting the bed. They’re going at it with incredible gusto, and that kid is howling like it ain’t nobody’s business. But don’t mistake that wild heap of sound for discord: Get Hustle have got this beast tamed and can reign it in whenever they want to. It’s like really dense serial music; when you’ve reached that level of compostional detail, the whole thing sounds like a random mess. It’s sort of unnerving in the way that Pierre Boulez and John Cage reached similar sonic ends through totally different means. It’s drums, guitar, piano and falsetto vocals, but they’ve augmented it with some post-production studio tweaking (just a few smears for charm). They’re doing something really weird to the rules, I just can’t figure out what. Earth Odyssey crams more into a half-hour than some bands do in their whole careers. Totally fucking amazing.

5 Rue Christine, PO Box 1190, Olympia, WA 98507-1190;

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