Finlander Vladislav Delay is famous for the deep, dubby beats practiced by labels like Chain Reaction. His releases under his own name have been hypnotic, hazy, texture-rich electronica that lulls you into the most sublime alpha state. In his Luomo project, he turns around and offers up some of the sexiest house on the block. Soulful vocals cruise up around rolling 4/4 beats and wiggle up next to squirming basslines. Delay’s customary detail and subtlety aren’t lost here — they’re just buried a little deeper. Those anonymous voices are left intact, but they seem less mysterious here. His sense of scale remains; only one of these tracks is less than 10 minutes, so all of the elements have plenty of room to breathe. Make sure that your backseat is clean before your play Vocalcity in the car while driving around with the love interest.


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