The Young Antiques

The Young Antiques

Wardrobe for a Jet Weekend

The debut effort from this Atlanta trio fully lives up to their oxymoronic name, a contradiction of old and new sounds. Influences are disparate, save for the fact that they’re all worthwhile — from ’60s sounds like the Who, Kinks, and Beatles to modern roots rock, the Young Antiques fashion an individual sound that offers something for everyone without degenerating into lowest-common-denominator blandness. The opening “New Modern World” gives you a quick preview of what’s in store, with a Nick Lowe opening that quickly into a singalong chorus with a new wave sensibility. It’s quickly followed by “More Soul,” which rages and burns like a lost Replacements track and is over way too soon. Tempering the hot rock is a fine ear for country melody and sentiment, apparent on tracks like “Your Life Is For Real.” Wardrobe for a Jet Weekend is a gem of a record, showcasing a band with musical maturity and youthful energy. Chances are, you’re going to love this band sooner or later; might as well grab a copy of Wardrobe and get it over with now.

The Young Antiques;

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