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Collection III – The Black Summer

Dissecting Table

Power Out of Control


Veinke strikes deep with Collection III – The Black Summer. While it would be presumptuous to say that Veinke forces the listener to confront their inner demons, Daniel Marvin does offer a slice of a different reality, the festering underbelly of this post-industrial society. Each of these pieces is highly narrative; they strap chains to the listener and drag them around through fields of thick mud and broken glass. Marvin scorns the line between black ambient and power electronics, his soundscapes drenched in low texture washes and corrosive noise. They remind occasionally of Stratvm Terror with their fusion of jagged electronics and deep ambience. Rich in texture, atmosphere and rife with tension, Veinke’s Collection III – The Black Summer is a relentless journey into the most subterranean jungles of consciousness.

Veinke may slowly envelop the listener, but Ichiro Tsuji goes straight for the jugular. Tumbling bass grooves, snarling noise, and fanatical drums all surround the guttural roars of Tsuji. He uses a broad palette to create these epics of biomechanical fury. Not only is the atmosphere dark, Tsuji occasionally takes the opportunity to rock out, drilling craters into the earth’s crust. Many labels have relentlessly documented Dissecting Table’s output, but I’ll say that Power Out of Control rivals his Human Breeding in terms of sheer weight and force. This is the sort of thing that makes Fear Factory and Pitchshifter fans run screaming to their parents.

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