You believe that there is good if not really great music out there wherever you live, even if you don’t live in the largest showbiz communities. You’ve tried going to clubs that you really don’t like that much, listening on a substandard sound system, attempting to imagine what they really sound like, and then trying to remember the name of the band the next day. Yes, of course the Internet has given us a variety of sites to attend to guess who we might like next, and Starpolish certainly does that. But its specialty seems to be in the extra measures of care and concern it delivers to the artists. It does more than just set up a shelf for the players to sit their MP3s on, and provide a comfy atmosphere for you to wait while they download.

More genres than you’re going to think up in the next few minutes are available, where you can choose the bands you’ve probably never heard of before to experiment on your ears. They come with a tight bio/spec page for introduction’s sake, and you can hear a few bands sounds and understand more about them in less time than it would take for you to change clothes and get the car started to go out.

But the real beauty of this page is in its application to the artists and desire to intelligently energize entire musical communities. Starpolish’s very name is derived from wanting to “polish the stars.” An A & R panel, plus an industry advisory board, comprised of real and actual entities in the business dish out some very enduring and time-tested advice and information on a wealth of encompassing topics. Starpolish is dedicated to the art of the music business and the business of the art.

The advice is ultra-professional throughout. A widely accomplished panel of industry types are represented, and the details that Starpolish gives out are thoughtful, mature, and far too rarely heard or heeded from those trying to get into the music biz.

There is a massive list of source of resources, production, management, club listings, touring, accounting, labels, promotion, radio contacts, and huge etc. From image to trademark, practicing and self-evaluation, songwriting and managing your band’s personnel dynamics, the list of such things goes on with an impressive experiential foundation. Current events, their relativity to the artist, and their place in the business are discussed.

Not only can fans win cash awards for supporting the artists there, but substantial ($2,500 to $15,000) cash prizes, are rewarded for such accomplishments as having the most CD sales and the largest mailing lists. $25,000 Grants are given out for artist development to bands and artists individually, as well as to musical communities for their endeavors.

My advice to you is this; the next time you’re washing that club’s free 50-pack blend of tobacco smoke out of your weekend’s worth of laundry, get your foot stuck in Starpolish’s door.

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