Gainesville Band Family Tree

Gainesville Band Family Tree

This is a fun site for anyone interested in any of the huge numbers of great (and some not so great!) bands that’ve come out of Gainesville in the past 20 or so years. Set up by Pop Canoneers Michael Murphy and Don Undeen, based on submissions from area musicians and fans, the site lists the membership of most of the bands that’ve been based in Gainesville, arranged both by band name and by individual performer name. Both databases are alphabetized (the latter database goes by first name of the person, if the person used an alias or stage name that was entered in double or single quotes, the script reads the name as beginning with a character rather than the actual first letter of the person’s first name, ands puts those people at the start), and both are cross-linked to each other.

A new feature is that people can submit articles about bands, giving more info. The result is that you can play the “Kevin Bacon” game based on degrees of separation to link anybody to just about anybody else, plus get funny stories and anecdotes about what it was like “back in the day,” or even back yesterday. And if I say I’ve been in a dozen bands over the last twenty years, you can find out whether I’m being hyperbolic or not. Check it out!

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