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Blue States

Nothing Changes Under the Sun

Eighteenth Street Lounge

Serenity. It is a destination like no other. It is one which most of us seek daily but often find it difficult to reach. Now add a little noir and melodrama, and you have quite an eventful day on your hands. Andy Dragazis knows this, because his Blue States is the musical interpretation of these events, and they unfold right within our ears under the sultry guise of Nothing Changes Under the Sun.

A soundtrack to set adrift on memory bliss, Nothing Changes is an extended journey of Air’s Moon Safari. Although there are many similarities between the two, Dragazis often eschews the vintage kitsch posturing in favor of blatant multi-instrumentation as on “The Trainer Shuffle” and the downtempo tear-jerker “Looking Glass.” No matter where you escape, Nothing Changes follows you there with all its melodramatic grandeur. After tuning in and fading out to the record, one must not have any doubt as to why Dragazis can only name such somber beauty Blue States.

Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 1210 18th St. NW, Suite 200B, Washington, DC 20036;

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