Thunder Bomb


Local punksters 6x released their second record for Daemon Records to a large crowd at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points. Their first record, Kung-Pow!, had the spirit of all those early ’60s girl bands. Thunder Bomb continues with that spirit with eight original tunes and three covers, including the MC5’s “High School.” All songs are fast-paced, upbeat, and catchy. “High School” and “Come on Down to My Boat” have a rich ’60s feel and bouncy innocence about them. “Ask Me About Love” is a pop song that could have come straight from the Ronnie Spector collection. The speedy tempo of Rob Gal’s and Lara Kiang’s powerchord guitar never let up through these 11 songs about love and wanting to fall in love. “666X” is a comical send up of death metal music that speaks a touch of truth as Lara chants “cheap liquor, rock and roll” to the fade out.

Daemon Records, P.O. Box 1207, Decatur, GA 30031; http://www.monsterbit.com/daemon

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