Live Mix Tape Part Two

Stone’s Throw

There has been a time-honored and well-honed tradition among the heads from all walks of music: the art of mixtape creation. Whether it’s for yourself, your mother, or the girl in your English class, the mixtape has proven over and over again to be the ultimate justice to your sense of rhythm, sense of timing, and love for music. Luckily for those who don’t harbor any of these traits, the DJ of any genre will gladly do the job for you. L.A.’s Breakestra have taken this one step further by not spinning but re-creating the tunes that rocked their galaxies through the years along with their own funkadelic touches.

The brainchild of cellist/bassist/guitarist/producer/funk phenomenon Miles Tackett, Breakestra’s 10-piece melds the fervor of Sun Ra’s Arkestra with the backbone of modern-day hip-hop, the breakbeat. Tightly packaged into 30 tracks totaling 50 minutes, Live Mix Tape Part Two is the ultimate funk party we’ve been scouring the streets for. Hip-hop samples give way to euphoric jam sessions that could even humble James Brown. Finally, a sequel that lives up and outdoes its predecessor, Part Two is not as much a mixtape as it is a lesson in the interplanetary science of funk.

Stone’s Throw Records, 8117 Manchester Ave, #644, Los Angeles, CA 90293;

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