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Juno Reactor

Pistolero EP


Since their inception, Juno Reactor have forged an exciting and captivating spectrum of electronic music that has broken barriers at every turn. Following their highly successful fourth release, Bible Of Dreams, Juno are back proving themselves as true masters of their craft. With Ben Watkins at the helm, this unique collaboration with Steve Stevens (formerly with Billy Idol) displays the amazing versatility and flexibility of the electro genre. Watkins combines female vocals, flamenco-inspired guitar, and layers of synthesized bliss to bring Pistolero to uncharted territory. Stevens delivers the kind of vibrant and evolutionary guitar work worthy of a standing ovation. The EP is loaded with several remixes and reinterpretations; each portraying a unique personality. The “Hang ‘Em High” remix by Fluke gives “Pistolero” a more ambient and trance feel while staying true to the original vision. And being a Fluke fan, listening to this remix is a true feast for the ears. “Man with No Name” is straight-forward dance commando that will have club goers on their feet, while the “Picture Of Man” remix will appeal to rivetheads and EBM maniacs. All in all, each of the seven versions can be considered new creations within themselves.

If there were one word to summarize this single and follow-up full-length, Shango, “Bravo!” would fit nicely.

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