John Strohm / Sonny Sixkiller

John Strohm / Sonny Sixkiller

Super Heroes of Rock Team-Up #2

Vital Cog

The cover of this single says “Super Heroes of Rock Team-Up,” but the first side just does not “rock.” I’m not saying it’s bad, and maybe it’s rock, but when I’m thinking super rock, I don’t picture electric folksy Bob Dylan-style strumming and slow, lazy, classic kinda laid-back vocals. Halfway through, the guitar cuts in with a wailing, distorted solo, but it’s still holding back. Buffalo Tom on a very slow day? John Strohm fades away for the flip side, and here comes Sonny Sixkiller. She starts off with a mellow intro, and then the band kicks in, and this is a bit closer to that rock I was looking for. A bit Breeders-influenced, perhaps, but Sonny sounds a little more like Chan Marshall. It grooves, and it gets you moving in a good way, so yeah… if this was a fight, Sonny Sixkiller comes out the winner.

Vital Cog Records, P.O. Box 7846, Princeton, NJ 08543

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