Kevin Coyne

Kevin Coyne

Room Full of Fools


Kevin Coyne sounds like a senile old man who lost his dentures and then wandered into a blues band and told them to rock. Like a really awful night at the karaoke bar, Coyne’s tone-deaf vocals mumble and belt their way through a rocking, bluesy and somewhat-funky musical accompaniment that sounds clean, professional, and completely unbefitting to his awkward singing style. His songs are often about love, which is incredibly uncomfortable to hear because it feels like eavesdropping on Viagra night at the retirement community. Coyne may be an established British blues musician who was once asked to join the Doors after Jim Morrison’s death, but his music is so bizarre and his voice so tonally defunct that it he sounds more like a freak show than a serious artist.

Ruf Records GmbH, Ludwig-Wagner-Str.31A, D-37318 Lindewerra, Germany

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