Mint 400

Mint 400


Vile Beat

I’ve heard some bad music, but the first three tracks on this record have got to take the cake. With a name like Mint 400, you expect a cool vibe — a freshness, maybe — that other bands don’t have access to. For the first three tracks, it sounds like one long inaudible song, then the haunting, almost ballad-like “White Cadillac Man” breaks the trend and lets the real talent began to shine through. Some of the lyrics lean toward cheesy and the guitars are really harsh in a few tracks, but in lieu of the riddle, when they’re good, they’re really, really good and when they’re bad, they’re horrid. It’s obvious they expel both characteristics on this CD, the good being their slower, deeper songs, which accentuate the British accents in abundance in the group. The best: “Borrowed Rooms” and “Breathe.” The worst: “Snakes Like Fish.” Listen at your own risk.

Vile Beat Records, P.O. Box 42462, Washington, DC 20015,

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