Mercedes 5 And Dime


First, I think it’s only fair to warn those of you who don’t know… this band is huge in Canada. That being said, I take my chances, because I love this music. With fame comes the backlash, and I am only one voice. This is orchestral, depressing, sometimes suicidal rock n’ roll. I just don’t know if anything Moist does will ever compare to their 1994 debut, Silver, or even better, singer David Usher’s solo album, which came out last year, two years after Creature, their second release. This is, you understand, one of my guilty pleasures. It’s shadow-ridden music, gothic thoughts and heroin dreams, taking the poetics of the gutter and putting them against piano and guitar and screaming down in some alcohol blaze. This album brings in some Pink Floyd elements, and a little less chaos than previous albums, but still it shines darkly in my soul.

Capitol Records, 1750 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028-5274

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