The GC5

The GC5

Kisses From Hanoi


Mid-tempo to quick rootsy guitar punk rock, rough-sounding vocals, Clash-like anthemic choruses, psychobilly-inspired lead guitars, pick slides, and rapidfire climbing basslines from a graduate of the Matt Freeman (Op Ivy/Rancid) School. Oi! without the word “oi!” Or as it’s better known, streetpunk.

This 14-cut CD from the GC5, actually a quartet, emanates from the original home of punk rock, Cleveland, O-hi-o. There is something about Midwest punk bands that I’ve always found appealing, a little more “rock” in their punk rock than might be typical from some other regions, although the same can be said of streetpunk in general, so the marriage of a Cleveland band and this style is a good fit.

At any rate, you’ll be hard pressed not to be pogoing around the room by the second song here. Lots of railing against the Man (“One For Eugene” is about early labor organizer and socialist Eugene V. Debs), and at least two songs with a Celtic influence (the rhythm section is a pair of brothers called McKean, so I guess it’s in the blood). Good stuff.

Outsider Records, PO Box 92708, Long Beach, CA 90809;

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