The Softies

The Softies

Holiday In Rhode Island


Holiday In Rhode Island is deeply poignant, for the most part seeming to focus on a visit to Rhode Island and false starts, the ferreting out and coping with the true nature of a relationship. Rose Melberg and Jennifer Sbragia flesh out their soft strums and gentle vocals this time around with keyboards, xylophone, drums, piano, and bass. Still the songs remain tender and dear, unencumbered by any unnecessary trappings.

Perhaps I’m reading too much of a storyline into the lyrics. Linear or no, they strike deep chords nonetheless. There is sweetness here but it is sadly tinged. This is haunting and perhaps best suited for the colder parts of the year when leaves are falling. Still, I hope the thaw comes soon so fresh flowers can poke their way through the soil.

K Records, P.O.Box 7154, Olympia, WA 98507;

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