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Visual Audio Sensory Theater brings another album full of big hits, but FYI, the actual band roster is not so extensive. In fact, VAST is largely fueled by its creator, Jon Crosby, who plays guitar and sings. He works predominately with guitar, bass, and drums, as that is the normal roster for VAST. But his sound expands beyond that of your average rock band when he adds full orchestration with the New Bombay Recording Orchestra. Strings, winds, and brass fill out the harmonization of the album and create the grand sound that is VAST. Not only did the band work with full orchestration for the album, but they also use a sample of a chant in “What Else Do I Need.” With a slight U2 sound and an occasional Radiohead (from OK Computer) tinge, VAST has a refined quality to its songs. The change in meter and what sounds to be the most all-encompassing use of instruments make “Blue” a good example of where the band has gone. It would surely have been the first single off the album if it weren’t for the tuba solo that sounds like something from a cartoon soundtrack. Nevertheless, if this album is an indication of where the band is headed, the potential seems limitless.

Elektra Records, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019

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