Bathroom Girls #4

Bathroom Girls #4

by Yvonne Mojica

Modern Comics

Yvonne Mojica’s amazing (and amazingly difficult to get a hold of) comic Bathroom Girls is back, and now in its fourth issue. This issue continues the saga of Erika, Sophie, and Madeline, as they smoke, drink, fight, and hang out in the bathroom. This issue follows the fallout following the battle of the bands with the Hello Kitties, and ends on a cliffhanger. Mojica’s artwork gets better with each issue, but as fun as her stories are, it’s the filler material that put this series on the map. Each issue runs a strip under the main story. This time, it’s an interview with James T. Kirk/William Shatner conducted by Yvonne Mojica, with Shatner only answering with Star Trek quotes. She accuses him (Kirk) of travelling through time to murder William Shatner’s wife. Another jewel is Mojica’s pop culture takes, including the observation that “Cher looks guiltier about Sonny’s death than O.J. does about Nicole’s.” She also shows some relics of her real life as a bathroom girl, including drawings, detention referrals, and clippings from the school paper. The issue also has some out there fan letters.

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