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The Limes

Turn Your Lights Off


The Limes just explode immediately into head shaking, hip swaying, hook laden pop rock of the big grin kind. You can’t help but smile (coincidentally, the Limes first release was titled Smile). These Dallas boys shift effortlessly through a few styles of rock, but the common thread is intensity and solidity. There’s a straight-ahead drive that keeps the songs moving. There are a few slower grooves, but the strength of the guitar, the grit of the bass, and the heart of the drums keep the dynamics flowing. I think “London” is actually a Smiths cover, but here it sounds perfectly in place with the rest of this bands repertoire. Rockin’ out anything by Morrissey is a good thing, I think. There are some beautiful New Wave moments, crossing wires with old school punk aesthetics, like on “The Metal Zone Song,” but the first song is the one I keep going back to. It’s like a perfect beginning.

Deluxe, PO Box 600245, Dallas, TX 75360,

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