The Space Cadet EP


This is an upbeat EP filled with well-written songs for standard rock instrumentation. Between the two mixes of the title track, you’ll get tired of his girl friend and her cigarettes pretty quickly after your first couple listens. You can counter the monotony by listening to the EP in moderation or skipping one of the mixes. Avoiding the CD altogether is not an appropriate way to avoid the monotony. Below is a quick rundown of what you would be missing.

Track 1: The first mix of the title track, and probably the song with the most valor on the CD.

Track 2: Also a well constructed tune, but watch out KGB, you’re starting to sound like the Presidents of the United States of America.

Track 3: The band blows that POTUSA sound out of the water with an increased tempo and a dose of distortion.

Track 4: Speaking of doses and pot, this song is an acoustic anthem for pot smokers. A plea for legalization by personifying the plant and insisting that the government grants weed her freedom.

Track 5: The Galactic Mix of the title track with heavier choruses and more mellow verses. The verses are also littered with outer space sounds and spacey guitar effects.

Track 6: A minute-long blues song followed by a twenty second break and a not-so-hidden track proclaiming “all I want for Christmas is an 808.”

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