The Revolutionary Hydra

The Revolutionary Hydra

The Antiphony


The second full-length from the cast of characters that is the Revolutionary Hydra is a shifting indie rock masterpiece. There is a definite Death Cab For Cutie sound at times, sharing sometimes some of the same members, with Chris Walla playing the part of the man behind the recording and producing labels. Something about these sounds and songs make me think of the days long gone. I mean way long gone, like King Arthur days. What would happen if the Knights of the Round Table started an indie rock band? A little bit Old World, a little bit surreal, a little bit right now, shedding new light into the life of music. Some touches of the old poetic romantic era, bards and minstrels. Literary, intellectual, artistic, and above all, fun. The moods touch and tangle, leaving you energized and intrigued, and drifting on West Coast waves. The lyrics, while sung with great dedication and seriousness, touch on subjects that are sometimes a bit less so. “Ye of little faith, you will become an actor, a parody of grace or a paragon of laughter… or William Shatner…”

Elsinor, PO Box 5463, Bellingham, WA 98227,

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