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Jim White

No Such Place

Luaka Bop

Wrong Eyed Jesus was easily one of the best albums of 1997. Jim White proved to be not only a formidable songwriter but also a musical visionary. Unfortunately, it has taken from the spring of 1997 to the first part of 2001to get a follow up to Wrong Eyed Jesus. Generally, a long gap between albums is a bad omen. Nearly four years between Wrong Eyed Jesus and No Such Place seems excessive until you put it on and realize the time was not wasted. The Pensacola, Florida singer/songwriter has not only put together a humbling collection of songs, but has continued pushing the musical envelope. No Such Place contains tracks produced by White, Andrew Hale (Sade), Q-Burns (Q-Burns Abstract Message), and Japanese underground icon Sohichiro Suzuki (Yellow Magic Orchestra). The dense album still manages to have some easily likable songs, including “Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi,” “God Was Drunk When He Made Me,” and an absolutely haunted cover of Roger Miller’;s signature song “King of the Road.” With the strength of his new album , one can only hope that we don’;t have to wait another four years for Jim White to produce his third album.

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