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High School Champion

Christiana is a trio formerly known as Neck. It’s not quite clear if it was a line-up change that caused the band to change its moniker, but the band has definitely streamlined its sound a bit when compared to its less tuneful output as Neck. The band now creates crystalline, jangly pop music like the kind the Teen Beat label has been churning out now for the better part of a decade… Unrest, True Love Always, and Aden immediately spring to mind, but also post-punk bands like Stiff Little Fingers or The Buzzcocks. There is nothing particularly outstanding about Christiana’s songs, the lyrics are nothing to write home about and the vocals are average at best. It’s the band’s razor-sharp precision in executing these revved-up, sped-up, guitar-based pop songs that is its true strength.

High School Champion Records, PO Box 86003-670, Bloor St W., Toronto, ON M6G 1L0,

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