Extreme Hatred


What’s old is new, what’s out is in, what’s gone is back. In the scrappiest, most “loud fast rules” of ways, such is the case with Hypnosia’s Extreme Hatred. Less a smirkingly ironic posture than it is a face-ripping, alcohol-fueled homage to thrash metal’s heyday of the mid- to late-’80s, Hypnosia’s debut platter makes no concessions about being a virtuostic showboating of tech-head chops or a prog-leaning display of labyrinthine songwriting, the gas-huffing trio instead whipping up such a cackling, careening frenzy, it’s no small wonder their train doesn’t derail into an abyss full of the genre’s latter-day casualties (too many to mention). For as much of a thrashback as the record is, however, Hypnosia are enviably tight and more-than-adequately produced, so you know Extreme Hatred‘s not some cheap Sodom hack-job (see 1/3 of the current Osmose stable). Still, Hypnosia know what they’re doing isn’t remotely revelatory or “new” and damn well want you to know that, too, and done so enthusiastically and lovingly (or is that hatefully?), that•s where the record’s charm lies. So don the bullet-belt and sleeveless jean-jacket, quaff a 12-pack or two, and salute with the goat horns • double fist this with Kreator’s Extreme Aggression for a cranked-out/-up night of rivetheaded bliss.

Hammerheart, PO Box 277, 6300 AG Valkenburg, The Netherlands, http://www.hammerheart.com

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