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Kind Of Like Spitting/Jeff London

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This ambitious and beautiful series from Post-Parlo Records starts out with this four-song split shared by Jeff London and Kind Of Like Spitting (a.k.a. Ben Barnett). Ben shares one song with West Coast singer Corrina Repp, and it’s a song written by Jeff London, so the cohesive nature of this single is brilliant. It all fits together like a soft West Coast dream. Portland shines through this release, acoustic and indie and so like the rain and the weather. Four songs isn’t much, but here every song fills you, so you aren’t left wanting, maybe just sighing and wondering where life goes. Jeff London brings out a little bit of organ for his first song, but it’s soft, like slow punctuation, and the guitar and smooth voice are left to float through you. “…there’s no greater pleasure, then starting up from scratch / at least they tell me so, I’ve yet to just let go…” – Jeff London

Post-Parlo Records, PMB 49121, Austin, TX 78765,

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