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Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture

Tooth and Nail

Angular and frenetic, this album has the essential elements of post-punk for the new millennium. At times, Blenderhead sounds like a cross between Fugazi, Big Black, and Jawbox, while at other times, there is evidence that they paid attention listening to their old Descendents albums. Full of piss and anger, the songs address a long list of phonies and fakers that populate a scene. These are mini-sketches of victims caught up in their own false world and jaded suburbanites who’ll do anything for fun. While musically, there is continuity between this band and the aforementioned peers, lyrically, there are few debts. The lyrics are tight and fit the groove and the band is capable of making their point with style and economy. This is an engaging album from a band that has a lot of potential yet to realize.,

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