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Evil Is…


Hey, Megaforce is still around! Hey, they now release utter crap! Much like many of us mistakenly base Britain’s music scene at large on records like Pulp’s His N’ Hers and Suede’s Coming Up, the Brits are gonna add more fuel to their hateful fire for our “music scene” with Wolfpac’s Evil Is• abortion. To wit, their music press already misjudges America by the “sports metal” of Papa Roach and Linkin Park, so Evil Is• is gonna compound this quandary by more than a few leagues • try a million of them. Seriously, from the gratuitous (and probably un-cleared) photos of porn star Jenna Jameson to Wolfpac’s beyond-laughable “we used to be nobodies ‘til we got this fresh gear” look to their just-plain-wrong marriage (more like divorce) of rap and metal to, fucking shit, samples of both Slayer and Godflesh, Evil Is• has “delete bin • two years tops” written all over it. Not even worth any more verbiage • enough to make ya wanna live underground (literally).


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