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Untitled Three-Song Sampler


Imagine my simultaneous surprise, trepidation, and excitement when this, a three-song teaser for Megadeth’s forthcoming The World Needs a Hero (due May 15th), landed in my needy, greedy hands. Surprise, because of it being on new home Sanctuary, Dave Mustaine and company perpetually having label woes with Capitol for most of the ’90s and finally getting out of/fulfilling their contract to them. Trepidation, because of Megadeth’s less-than-stellar track record since 1994’s uneven/uninspired Youthanasia onward. Excitement, because Megadeth are undoubtedly the greatest metal band to walk this mortal earth, and more importantly, the presentation of a little ditty called “Return To Hangar.” Yes, “Return To Hangar” does indeed return, referencing riff n’ lyrical passages from “Hangar 18,” Rust In Peace’s signature single • overall, nowhere near as rhythmically busy or pummeling as the original, but man, is it ever a right ol’ corker, nevertheless. Next we have “Burning Bridges,” a fist-pumping, mid-tempo rocker that would’ve nicely fit into 1992’s Countdown To Extinction (arguably, the band’s last gasp of excellence, and the record Metallica should’ve been). And lastly, we get “1000 Times Goodbye,” perhaps the most personally trying and misanthropic ‘Deth song since So Far, So Good•So What!’s deathbed lament, “In My Darkest Hour,” as Dave•s ex-wife (presumably, in this context) gets the boot out the door, and, more so his life • harsh! Without a doubt, Mustaine ranks alongside The Cure’s Robert Smith, Godflesh’s Justin Broadrick, Tricky (both solo and in Massive Attack), and Burzum’s Varg Vikernes as an idiosyncratic genius of a singular, stultifying vision, but hey • we’ll save the rest for the new album•hopefully. Hot happenings afoot here, folks.


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