Choice Cuts


Oh, bother. Sure, Impaled’s Choice Cuts may take the cake for the most disgusting and thoroughly offensive cover ever, but is it really worth all the brouhaha some metal critics have been brewing up lately by sending back the promos and refusing to review any more Necropolis releases? No. C’mon, it’s heavy-fuckin’-metal, for chrissakes! We’ve allowed Cannibal Corpse to maintain a comfy career thus far, and how firmly their tongues are planted in their cheeks is highly debatable. With Impaled, however, there’s just no debating the so-ridiculously-over-the-top-it’s-not scatological humor of such songs as “With Shit I Am Adorned,” “From Here to Colostomy,” “Immaculate Defecation,” and “Ingestion of Colostomic Funk”: tongue firmly planted in cheek. Additionally, Impaled have made no bones about their desire to ape old Carcass; thus, both the equally disgusting artwork and music go hand in rotting hand. Whatever. Anyway, Choice Cuts is a tasty odds n’ sods collection of demos, covers (one Carcass, one Impetigo), new cuts and otherwise-unreleased tracks, its contents sounding a bit closer to the early works of the aforementioned gore-grind gods than early Dismember (as on their utterly enjoyable The Dead Shall Dead Remain debut) • once again, highly recommended. And quit being such PC pansies, already!

Necropolis, PO Box 14815, Fremont, CA 94539-4815,

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