Shadow: Hed Sessions

Shadow: Hed Sessions

Various Artists


With artists/groups such as GOO aka: Le Gooster, Mujaji, Merkin, Hybrid Device, and Saru taking up space on this introduction album from Shadow Records, what you end up with is the ultimate in experimental electronic music. A great, moving track to mention is “Work For Us,” done by the brotherly duo Mujaji, who mix it up with digital equipment that’s as new to them as their unbelievably unique sound is to listeners. Another one to watch is the nameless and faceless Hybrid Device, who pride themselves(?) on making music to relax to. Holding up to that, Hybrid Device offers the listener a thought, and you’re left to make of it whatever you want. One of the nicest things about electronic music is that in a essence, is that it does exactly that. There are too many “groups” (or should we say “companies”) on the air that tell you what and how to think. If you want a break from that, pick up the latest from Shadow Records and enjoy the Hed Sessions.

Shadow Records, 26 W. 17th Street #502, New York, NY 10011;

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