DJ Harry

DJ Harry

The String Cheese Remix Project

SCI Fidelity

Despite the “cheesy” cover art, The String Cheese Remix Project isn’t totally disappointing as a work of house. Every song on the album is remixed, hence the title, and was originally recorded by The String Cheese Incident, a Colorado jam band that DJ Harry and friends used to see in concert. After deciding that there wasn’t enough music (if any) that blended his two musical passions, bluegrass and house, DJ Harry set out on bringing them together and the labor of love that resulted is none other than The String Cheese Remix Project. Some of the songs are a but predictable and your ears sort of blend them together too easily, the addition of a piano, sax, or vocal solo here and there keeps you from nodding off. It’s truthfully very difficult to believe that this was once bluegrass, and while it’s not “can’t sit still” moving, it’s a decent attempt to pave new roads and for that at least deserves a listen.

SCI Fidelity Records, 2405 Broadway Boulder, CO 80304;

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