Hybrid Device

Hybrid Device

Hybrid Device


Rich in organic rhythms, with a heartfelt attachment to both rock and ambient sound, Hybrid Device infuses all these styles with liberal use of sampled voices and a few other surprises to make a most relaxing, yet complex debut record. The Los Angeles-based duo of Will Wood and Puneet Grewal have created both a traditional and abstract record, layering them on top of each other to produce something all the more unique.

Tranquil, yet with more substance than the town they reside in, Hybrid Device is a natural progression from the songs of Roger Waters, especially tracks like “Twilight.” Not necessarily a rip-off, but a substantial progression, this track along with a few select others were made for driving by yourself at night and contemplating life, or sitting at home relaxing yourself. Whatever option you choose, the soothing abstractions realized by Hybrid Device won’t leave you confused, merely dazed and drifting.

Shadow Records, 26 W. 17th Street, Suite #502, New York, NY 10011; http://www.shadowrecords.com

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