So, This Is How It Is

Suburban Sprawl

This starts out making me wonder how an ethereal, lush, 4AD band would sound if they merged or melted into a hard edged, dynamic, East Coast emo band. Like Cocteau Twins meets Rainer Maria• I like it. I’m not sure, but I think singer Elaine Doty also performs in the band Rocking Horse Winner, but here the vocals are enchanting and strong, moving like water through skin. The music rains on me, then thunders and storms, drums kicking me down and picking me up. It hits on that emo sound at times, but the vocals and shimmer of the guitar keep it above ground, sparkling in the sky. So soft, and then the electricity catches the back of your neck in bursts of noise, sweeping you away into the land of Nymb.

Suburban Sprawl, PO Box 2017, Garden City, MI 48136; http://www.suburbansprawlmusic.com

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