The Actual Tigers

The Actual Tigers

Gravelled And Green


You have to hand it to a label like Nettwerk to maintain such diversity by sliding across most of the musical spectrum. With the uptempo, schmaltzy, and soulful Actual Tigers, the label has continued in the diagonal progression. Like Belle And Sebastian confronted with Crosby, Stills, and Nash, the Tigers flow through folk, pop, and funk like a raft down the rapids. The simplistic strums and harmonies of “Yardwork In November” and “Time And Space” are melancholic minus all the despondent whining.

There is a certain sincerity lying cozy underneath all the serene structures. The crooning is bittersweet, with only a bit more sugar than necessary, but leave it to the sparse ambience of “Interlude” to throw you off track completely. But it’s back to business immediately after, and with a few sound effects, a meandering indie quality soon takes precedent. Green And Gravelled isn’t my most ideal choice for consistent play, but it sure is decent, non-threatening sunshine, beating out any of your parents’ John Denver records.

Nettwerk Records, 8730 Wilshire Blvd. #304, Beverly Hills, CA 90211;

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