The Generators

The Generators



Wow, is this good. The more street punk I hear, the more I like it. Punk rock that hearkens back to an age from before the wall went up between rock and roll and punk, where you can actually hear guitar solos that propel the song rather just hide in the background noodling on three notes.

To mix a metaphor, The Generators are running on all cylinders here. Two Les Pauls cranked, chord progressions that go back in a direct line through Generation X (the band, not the media construct), The Jam, The Clash, and The Who, lead lines from the Berry/Richards/Thunders/Steve Jones school, backing vox from both guitarists and the bassist, and anthemic sing-along choruses. Sure, the lyrics aren’t out to change the world, except maybe to make it a better place to have a good time and have a few beers, but you’d be hard pressed to get me to disagree with that sentiment.

Buy. Play loud.,

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