Ageless Venomous

Century Media

Much to my chagrin, I’ve already taken a good deal of stick from a couple critic buds for emphatically stating that the production on Krisiun’s Ageless Venomous is killer. So, to further go out on a (lonely) limb, let’s restate: The production here (specifically, the drums) is so unconventional, so completely and utterly off, it is indeed “killer,” and actually works that much better because of it. And, man, does it ever work, human tornado Max Kolesne’s bass drums machine-gunning away like an incessantly marching metronome that’s unfathomably loud, unreasonably upfront, unrepentantly gonzo, and undeniably rescued from Alec Empire’s garbage can over at DHR HQ — like, seriously…you can’t help but focus on such subversion of the status quo and, if adventurously inclined, marvel at it. Elsewhere, Max’s axe-slinging brother Moyses blows minds in his own right, the man overlaying evocative yet decidedly brain-scrambled solos atop of thoroughly dizzying riffery, a unique strain of which seesaws back n’ forth between staccato war crawls and nimble-fingered harmonic progressions with jostling off-time/key slices and flurries of mesmerizing repetition thrown in to keep everyone guessing or, more appropriately, paralyzed. Four albums in, Krisiun finally prove that idiot savantry is alive and well in the world of hyperblasting death metal.

Century Media, 1453-A 14th St. #324, Santa Monica, CA 90404;,

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