Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley

Take Offs and Landings


This CD begins so sad and so sweet, you just have to sit back and listen, smile, sigh. It’s pop, no apologies made, but it’s also definitely indie. The songwriting is straightforward and intelligent, and sometimes a little sarcastic, but it’s a quick wit, catching you grinning off guard. There’s a little bit of a Throwing Muses/Breeders edge in Jenny Lewis’ vocals, but much smoother. At times there’s an old school edge to the guitar work, the solo in “Wires And Waves” making me think of the song “Shivers” by The Boys Next Door. It’s melodic and moving, and on a hot summer day, it’s perfectly refreshing.

Barsuk Records, PO Box 31016, Seattle, WA 98103;

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